BA In Humanities & Social Sciences

 BA In Humanities & Social Sciences Program is a 3-year full-time course

About the BA In Humanities & Social Sciences Program

Our BA in Humanities & Social Sciences program offers a rich and diverse curriculum that delves into the complexities of human society and culture. Through a combination of theoretical study and practical application, students explore subjects such as history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, literature, and political science. They develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills essential for understanding societal issues, fostering empathy, and driving positive change. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning and global perspectives, graduates are equipped to pursue diverse career paths in fields such as education, research, public service, advocacy, journalism, and more.

Career prospects

A BA in Humanities & Social Sciences opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities across various sectors. Graduates often pursue roles such as:

  1. Social Worker: Helping individuals and communities overcome challenges, advocate for social justice, and access support services.
  3. Policy Analyst: Analyzing social, economic, and political issues to inform policy development and implementation in government and non-profit organizations.
  5. Educator: Teaching in schools, colleges, or universities, imparting knowledge and fostering critical thinking and understanding of human society and culture.
  7. Researcher: Conducting studies and investigations on societal issues, historical events, or cultural phenomena in academic institutions, think tanks, or research organizations.
  9. Human Resources Specialist: Recruiting, training, and managing personnel in organizations, ensuring compliance with labor laws and fostering a positive work environment.
  11. Journalist: Reporting on current events, conducting interviews, and writing articles to inform and engage the public on social, political, and cultural issues.
  13. Community Organizer: Mobilizing communities around shared interests or concerns, facilitating dialogue, and implementing initiatives for social change.
  15. Cultural Heritage Manager: Preserving and promoting cultural artifacts, traditions, and sites through museums, heritage organizations, or tourism agencies.
  17. Public Relations Specialist: Building relationships between organizations and the public, managing communication strategies, and shaping public perception.
  19. Non-profit Administrator: Managing operations, fundraising, and program development in non-profit organizations focused on social welfare, advocacy, or cultural preservation.

These roles allow graduates to apply their interdisciplinary knowledge, critical thinking skills, and understanding of human behavior to address societal challenges, promote social justice, and contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Program Details
Composition Name
Sigma University
UGC, New Delhi and Sigma University, Vadodara
01 Year
Eligibility for Admission
Candidate shall have passed SSC examination.
Admission Schedule
Usually from May to October every year.
How to Apply?
Start Date
October 2024
College / Campus
Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism, Sigma University Vadodara.
Shifts (Working hours)
09: 00 am to 05:00 pm
Intake capacity
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Admission Procedure

Visit or you may visit the Admission Office at Sigma University, Vadodara.

Admission in all programs of Hospitality & Tourism is done by Sigma University Based on Merit

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