Industrial Visits

Industrial Visits play an important role in student’s careers & Teaching learning process. Sigma Management has proactively taken the step much before the university suggested deploying students to the Industry. Sigma management adopted Compulsory two relevant Industrial visits per semester. Total 4 per year & 16 visits per Graduate Program. Each & every student of the Sigma group should keep pace with current Technological Development. Technology is changing very fast & as we all know curriculum can never coup up with this changes. A student when they visit Industry get technology information, apply knowledge & visualize what is stored in the future for them. The Visit & Visit report writing exercise provides them with experience in many aspects like team building, behaviors Do’s and Don’ts, Technology, and manufacturing Process & will get tempted to explore more knowledge on their area of Interest. Students will be tempted to become more Productive or will think of becoming entrepreneurs if broaden their Horizon. This move will bring out creativity & out of box thinking among students. This visit not only gives benefits to all stakeholders but fuels the national growth engine.

Industrial Visits for Pharmacy Students
SBIT is one more boon to students by Sigma Management. We have synergy with many industry partners. We created a platform for students to spend vacation time with Industry. Two weeks duration with the Industry of their choice helps them to have an exact feel of current Industrial scenario applications of theory what they are learning. Though the University has not adopted the sandwich curriculum mechanism Sigma Group has adopted this practice to improve the learning process. During this training period, he can find many questions & problems gathered in his report book. When he comes back to the institute he can take the help of learned teachers to find answers & solutions. Management offers such opportunities to students right from year one. This helps students to grab multiple training opportunities before completion of academics. Students will get hands-on experience many times & will be able to overcome fear much before when they are finally exposed to the real world.

Sigma Innovation Garage (Projects):
With this concept, Sigma management is promoting the move of Do It Yourself. Our Hon. Chairman has a vision to make students entrepreneurs Instead of graduates loitering merely for Jobs. Sigma Management has created the facility of Garage: A hobby center for students where they can utilize their spare time. The students can make use of this Centre which is equipped with all the necessary raw materials, tools, machines & equipment needed to convert their innovative project idea into reality. Sigma students have created many innovative projects with the help of this facility. Even the Press & Media have also appreciated our student`s projects regularly. Management has set an example by way of financing innovative projects which are beyond the scope of student`s Financial capabilities.

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