Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector (DHS)

 Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector (DHS) Program is a 1 year course

About the Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector (DHS) Program

The Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector (DHS) Program equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure public health and safety. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students learn about sanitation principles, health regulations, disease prevention, and inspection techniques. The program emphasizes practical training, allowing students to apply their learning in real-world settings. Graduates of the DHS program are prepared for careers as health inspectors, sanitary officers, environmental health specialists, and community health advocates, playing crucial roles in maintaining clean and safe environments for individuals and communities.

Career prospects

Upon completing the Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector (DHS) program, graduates can pursue various career opportunities in public health and sanitation sectors. Some potential career paths include:

  1. Health Inspector: Conducting inspections and assessments of public facilities, restaurants, food establishments, and residential areas to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.


  3. Sanitary Inspector: Inspecting water and sanitation systems, waste management facilities, and public spaces to identify and address potential health hazards.


  5. Environmental Health Officer: Assessing environmental factors that affect public health, such as air and water quality, and implementing measures to mitigate risks and improve overall environmental health.


  7. Community Health Worker: Educating communities about health and sanitation practices, promoting hygiene awareness, and organizing health campaigns to prevent the spread of diseases.


  9. Public Health Educator: Developing educational materials and programs to raise awareness about sanitation, hygiene, and disease prevention within communities and schools.


  11. Occupational Health and Safety Officer: Ensuring workplace safety standards are met, conducting health and safety inspections, and implementing protocols to prevent occupational hazards and injuries.


  13. Emergency Response Coordinator: Assisting in disaster preparedness and response efforts, coordinating relief efforts during emergencies, and providing support to affected populations.


  15. Environmental Compliance Officer: Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and standards in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and waste management.


  17. Research Assistant: Supporting research projects focused on public health, sanitation, and environmental health by collecting data, conducting surveys, and analyzing research findings.


  19. Health Promotion Specialist: Designing and implementing health promotion programs aimed at improving community health outcomes and reducing health disparities.

Overall, graduates of the DHS program play vital roles in safeguarding public health, promoting sanitation practices, and contributing to healthier and safer communities.

Program Details
Composition Name
Sigma University
UGC, New Delhi and Sigma University, Vadodara
01 Year
Eligibility for Admission
Candidate shall have passed SSC examination.
Admission Schedule
Usually from May to October every year.
How to Apply?
Start Date
October 2024
College / Campus
Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism, Sigma University Vadodara.
Shifts (Working hours)
09: 00 am to 05:00 pm
Intake capacity
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Admission Procedure

Visit www.sigmauniversity.ac.in or you may visit the Admission Office at Sigma University, Vadodara.

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