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Hands-on learning-Agriculture & Horticulture

Hands-on learning

The Faculty of Agriculture & Horticulture college provides practical and hands-on learning experiences in the field, allowing students to develop real-world skills that can be applied to their future careers.

In-demand skills

With a growing demand for sustainable agriculture and horticulture practices, a degree from a Faculty of Agriculture & Horticulture college can lead to a variety of career opportunities in agriculture, food production, environmental conservation, and more.

In-demand skills-Agriculture & Horticulture
Cutting-edge research-Agriculture & Horticulture

Cutting-edge research

Faculties of Agriculture & Horticulture colleges are often involved in cutting-edge research that is shaping the future of the industry. Students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on research projects and gain valuable experience.

Personal growth

Studying agriculture and horticulture can provide students with a sense of purpose and fulfillment as they learn to grow and care for plants and animals. Additionally, many programs focus on sustainable and ethical practices, which can lead to personal growth and a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Personal and professional growth

About the PROGRAM

All of these programs provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the agriculture and horticulture industries, while also promoting sustainability, innovation, and ethical practices.

The Faculty of Agriculture & Horticulture college offers a comprehensive range of programs for students interested in pursuing careers in the agriculture and horticulture industries. 


B.Sc (Agriculture)

Provides students with a broad understanding of the principles of agriculture and horticulture, as well as hands-on experience in the field. 

M.Sc (Agriculture)

The program allows students to specialize in a particular area of agriculture or horticulture, such as plant science, soil science, or animal science, and conduct research in their area of interest. 


Provides advanced training in research methods and techniques, as well as opportunities to conduct independent research and contribute to the development of new knowledge in the field.

The Advantage At Sigma

Get hands-on learning experiences in the field of agriculture and horticulture
Explore diverse career opportunities in sustainable agriculture, food production, conservation, and more
Contribute to society by promoting ethical practices, environmental conservation, and sustainable food production.
Connect with industry partners for internships, networking, and career opportunities.
Gain valuable research experience in cutting-edge agricultural and horticultural research.
Develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment through the cultivation


  • Structured classroom sessions and personal interaction with faculty

  • Workshops, talks, and interactive sessions with industry experts

  • Hands-on project-based learning in well-equipped laboratories

  • Real-life project participation for practical education

  • Focus on teaching latest technologies

Internship & Research

The Internship and research projects provide an opportunity to students to build a healthy and positive relationship with the corporate world and pave the way for future placement.

Each student undergoes one industrial training and two projects, all credit based.


Six months Internship


Two projects, six months in duration


The placement process at a Faculty of Agriculture & Horticulture typically involves a combination of career counseling, networking opportunities, and internships. Career counseling is available to students to help them explore different career paths and determine which options align with their skills and interests. 

Networking events and industry connections provide opportunities for students to meet with potential employers and learn more about the industry. Additionally, many programs require internships, which allow students to gain practical experience in the field and make valuable connections with industry professionals. 

These internships can often lead to job offers upon graduation. Overall, the placement process at a Faculty of Agriculture & Horticulture is designed to help students transition from their academic studies to rewarding careers in the industry.

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