Ph.D. in Commerce is a 3-year and the basic eligibility is a master’s degree in a closely related discipline.


About the Ph.D. in Commerce Program

Delve into the forefront of commerce with our Ph.D. program, meticulously crafted to advance knowledge in diverse areas such as international financial reporting, strategic cost management, business forensics, and more. Unlike traditional business programs, our curriculum delves deeply into cutting-edge research and theoretical frameworks, empowering doctoral candidates to become thought leaders in the field of commerce. Through rigorous scholarship and interdisciplinary collaboration, students explore innovative approaches to address complex challenges and drive business excellence. Graduates emerge as visionary scholars poised to make significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of commerce.

Career prospects

The career prospects for graduates with a Ph.D. in Commerce are diverse and promising. With expertise in specialized areas such as international financial reporting, strategic cost management, business forensics, and accounting information systems, Ph.D. holders are highly sought after in academia, research institutions, government agencies, and the corporate sector.

  1. Academia: Many Ph.D. holders pursue careers as professors, lecturers, or researchers in universities and colleges. They contribute to the academic community through teaching, publishing research papers, and mentoring students.

  2. Research Institutions: Research institutes often employ Ph.D. graduates to conduct studies, analyze data, and contribute to scholarly publications. These roles allow individuals to delve deep into specific areas of commerce and make meaningful contributions to the field.

  3. Government Agencies: Government departments and regulatory bodies frequently hire Ph.D. holders to provide expertise on matters related to finance, accounting, and business regulation. They may work as consultants, advisors, or policymakers, shaping regulations and policies that impact businesses and industries.

  4. Corporate Sector: In the corporate world, Ph.D. graduates are valued for their advanced analytical skills and strategic thinking. They may work in various roles such as financial analysts, management consultants, internal auditors, or risk managers, helping organizations make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

  5. Entrepreneurship: Some Ph.D. holders choose to start their ventures or consultancy firms, offering specialized services in areas like financial analysis, forensic accounting, or strategic management. Their expertise and research insights can provide valuable solutions to businesses facing complex challenges.

  6. Professional Associations: Ph.D. graduates often become members of professional associations or industry organizations related to commerce. They may contribute to industry publications, participate in conferences, and network with peers to stay updated on emerging trends and best practices.

Overall, a Ph.D. in Commerce opens up diverse career pathways, allowing individuals to pursue roles that align with their interests, expertise, and career aspirations while making significant contributions to the field of commerce.

Program Details
Composition Name
Sigma University
Sigma University & UGC, New Delhi
03 Years
Eligibility for Admission
Shall have passed the qualifying examination (Bachelor’s Degree) with minimum 50% (45% for SC/ST/SEBC/EWS).
Admission Schedule
Usually from May to October every year.
How to Apply?
Start Date
July 2024
College / Campus
Faculty of Commerce & Management, Sigma University Vadodara.
Shifts (Working hours)
10: 00 am to 05:00 pm
Intake capacity
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Admission Procedure

Applying to Sigma University online is a breeze, offering a convenient and streamlined process for prospective students.

Visit or you may visit the Admission Office at Sigma University, Vadodara.

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