Sigma Sports Academy

Sigma Sports Academy has three acres of green ground at Sigma Institute, Bakrol, Vadodara with world-class amenities and facilities, which aims to render the quality and talent for sports of the students of Sigma Institute as well as outside institutes. Sigma has a team of professional coaches, trainers, and counselors committed to building player’s abilities. Our dedicated team of coaches is always looking for innovative drills and exercises, which suit the individual needs of every student instead of a “one size fits all” approach. Our Motto is excellence through sports.

The academy offers both infrastructures & trainers for cricket, football, volleyball, Basketball, tennis, table tennis, chess, carom, handball, badminton etc. The Academy designs programs to ensure that every student receives technical, tactical, physical, and mental training with an optimum learning environment and to train them to strengthen their physical capabilities and help themselves to defend from all odds, taking away their weaknesses and fear to kick up and to reach the sky.

This year Sigma Sports Week was celebrated from 10th Feb to 15th Feb 2020. Sports such as Cricket, Volleyball, Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Swimming and many more are played by students and staff too. The whole week was enjoyed as sports week and all participated actively from students to staff, principals, and trustees too.

Sigma gave many champions and winners to the state and country regularly. This year Krutik Sawant from Mechanical Department B.E. achieved the gold medal in Best Parade Commander. He is also a Marathon finisher held in Vadodara.

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